IT & Customised Cybersegurity and Cyberdefense services


For the last decades, the computer giants have generated on users an absolute dependence on their products and this, consequently, has led individuals and companies to lose control and security of their information. That is why in Gatxan we have firmly set out to help you regain the sovereignty of your information to manage and protect your data in a simple and effective way, providing you your own tools so you don't have to depend on anyone else.
Information is the building-block of your company, recover its control.


We provide you the necessary framework for working with security and privacy and in a fully personalized way to prevent prying eyes from spying on your digital life. In addition, of course, we will also protect you from crackers and computer attacks.


A «cloud» is nothing more than the computer of another company unrelated to you, which means that you save your data on someone else's computer and you don't have any control over it. Keep your information in your own server and not in someone else's server and prevent your information from traveling unnecessarily across the Internet.


There are plenty of alternatives to conventional commercial payment or subscription based programs and recurring cloud fees, but not everyone knows about them. We offer them to you tailored to your needs so that it fits perfectly with what you need, no more or less, and you never have to depend on abusive permanent and restrictive terms and conditions ever again.
Pay only for what you need and when you need it.


We have many clients for whom we have developed customised software specifically for them because they couldn't find anything on the market that fit their needs. Tell us what you need. We will study it and make you a proposal to make it become a reality!


All our services have the Gatxan's seal of guarantee: confidentiality, REAL privacy, data encryption and physical location of own servers in the Principality of Andorra. Because in Gatxan privacy comes first: WE WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH YOUR INFORMATION.

Do not rely on anybody, choose to be free and regain the control of your data.

The information is the building block of your company. Regain its control.

X. Towers - Gatxan CEO


If you want to hire and install conventional e-mail services, e-cloud, e-learning, groupware, etc. from the IT giants such as Microsoft, Google or Apple, you must know that you are in the wrong place. In Gatxan we are not like the others, we don't go for the easy solution and we will NEVER sell or resell any kind of product or service developed by companies that violate the privacy of their users.

We help you recover security and privacy in your digital day-to-day, and we do it in a fully personalized way. We study your needs and propose you all the alternatives to giants and multinationals products in order to prevent them from knowing everything not only about you, but also about your business and your customers.
We offer you the option of accessing REAL digital privacy by providing you with the necessary tools to do it.

Business Solutions

Installation and customization of open source ERP and CRM solutions: Dolibarr, Tiki, GLPI.

Integrated business intranet with shared resources: email, calendars, contacts, collaborative documentation, etc.

Multi-branch computer systems.

Corporate instant messaging.

Encrypted backups physically hosted in Andorra.

Personalized software development

Development of specific custom-made software.

Development of mobile and web applications.

Creation and design of customized and fully personalized web pages: ERP, CRM, e-commerce, etc.

Module development for Drupal, GLPI, Prestashop...


Design and setup of private local computer networks and servers, by optimizing the existing equipment or creating a completely new one.

Security audits and pentesting.

Network protection and installation of firewalls.

Encrypted backup copies.

Data recovery and computer equipment repair.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

Our own cryptocurrency payment platform.

Trust systems for P2P crypto operations.

Secure cryptocurrency payments for businesses.

Instant payments via Crypto Point Of Sale for businesses.

Implementation of blockchain for industrial processes.

Development of Smart contracts.


Domain name registration with multiple TLD including ".AD".

Application and website hosting in Andorra. Development and design of fully customized websites: Bootstrap, ERP, CRM, e-commerce, etc.

Physical and virtual servers rental in Andorra.

Installation and configuration of physical servers on-premises.

Web services

Administration and transfer of domain names.

Website migrations.

Creation and design of customized and fully personalized web pages: ERP, CRM, e-commerce, etc.

Web software customization: Drupal, Prestashop, Bootstrap, Tiki...

Web software security update and audit.

Optimization of web services.

All our services are placed in our own Data Center facilities located in Andorra. That's why we are so self-confident on the security and REAL PRIVACY that we offer.

X. Towers - Gatxan CEO


To achieve this high level of security and privacy to which we are committed, we provide you all the necessary hardware, open source software, and we strictly apply our «Zero-knowledge Information Security and Real Privacy Policy»: we only use tools with the security and privacy of the highest level according to today's standards. To deal with possible attacks, we apply virtualization and compartmentalization of servers, techniques and strategies for data encryption and protection, on the data transfer and on its storage as well. Adding to that, full encrypted backups are made and replicated real time to different non-disclosed locations.

We only follow our own cyber security and cyber defense guidelines, which go far beyond the standards of the major tech providers:


Thunderbird instead of Microsoft Outlook, Simple Calendar instead of GoogleCalendar, or Nextcloud instead of iCloud... There are always alternatives to software, applications and services from Google, Microsoft or Apple that respect the privacy of the user and that, in addition, are almost always free, but they are not known because the developers who create them do not have behind them a large marketing team to promote them, or large budgets for advertising campaigns, which do have the great computer giants. That is why they have practically a market monopoly, and in some cases even under the pretext of a supposed gratuitousness that implies giving them absolutely all the data and metadata, without being aware of the extent to which they have monitored their users.

Precisely with the intention of preventing these giants from having access to all information, the tools and software proposed by Gatxan will never be commercial products that work in the private interests of the companies that create them, but, as far as possible, will be open source and public domain standards. This means: of free license (free), shareable and redistribuble, collaborative (being continuously tested, verified and audited by the community of developers that created them and that would alert of any wrong modification that may be made), interoperable port information

In this way we achieve:
By not using commercial tools and software from IT giants we ensure that there will be no information leakage , neither to any of these companies nor to any other external to Gatxan.
Since open source software has no commercial and private restrictions of any kind, anyone can install it on as many devices as they want and on most operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Ubuntu, Android, iOS, etc.)
Being FREE tools, we ensure that the User will never have to carry with extra costs for the software, usage subscriptions, etc. There will never be any payment other than the service subscription itself.


  • Encryption.
  • Strict partitioning.
  • Real time encrypted backups and, if you want it, replicated and stored on our Gatxan servers.
  • Active and permanent monitoring of all processes.
  • Own firewalls and antivirus.
  • Constant updates and maintenance of all procedures according to the evolution of real threats, as well as of the software and its security levels, and also of the security tools themselves (IDS, firewalls, antivirus, etc.).

In this way we achieve:
The strict compartmentalization contains possible external intrusions so that they would affect only locally and thus avoiding the spread, the escalation of privileges and the mass infection attempt. In this way, any intrusion could not access to all the information.
By making instant, replicated and encrypted backups, the information would not be accessible to anyone who does not have the keys and, obviously, neither in case of intrusion, would be completely useless for them. In addition, the fact of having more than one backup in different locations, ensures that the User will never lose their information.


  • Automated systems.
  • Threat isolation.
  • Alerts in real time.
  • Data collection and tracing of the origin of possible attacks.
  • Team of highly qualified professionals with exclusive dedication.

In addition to having a highly qualified and dedicated team to respond as quickly as possible, we also have automated decision-making systems based on threat neutralization and isolation , as well as tracing the origin of these to compile data, relate them and know how and where to act at all times.

In this way we achieve:

The User will always receive completely personalized attention and at any time.
Minimize service downtime.




These are the four basic and fundamental pillars of the INFORMATION SECURITY AND PRIVACY POLICY designed by Gatxan, which we strictly apply to all users of the Gatxan Ecosystem of online services and all clients of Gatxan Services IT services.

In addition, all our services have the GATXAN'S SEAL OF GUARANTEE: confidentiality, REAL privacy, data encryption and physical location of own servers in the Principality of Andorra. Because in Gatxan the privacy of our Users comes first: WE WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH YOUR INFORMATION.

If only YOU have your keys, only YOU have your data.

X. Towers - Gatxan CEO


Despite trying to explain our services in detail, there is always the possibility that you may have doubts or that we have not been able to explain ourselves in the best possible way. For this reason, here is a list of frequently asked questions to try to resolve any doubts you may have.

  • What can Gatxan Services offer me that no other IT company and ICT Services can offer me?

    Conventional IT companies usually resell to their customers services from Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc. They get a juicy commission from these companies to make them "commercial" intermediaries, and in this way they get paid twice - from the client and from the IT giants. In addition, doing it this way means a lot less work for them, with a couple of clicks they create access to a service that the big multinationals already provide, and they save having to do a whole study, proposal, budget, installation and implementation of an own service which often, moreover, usually needs a solid and consistent infrastructure behind it, which they obviously do not have.
    That's what the big computer giants use, they offer easy money without much effort to computer stores, and attractive initial prices to end customers, creating a total dependence on both of them in the long run.
    For us, doing things this way is too high a price to pay: the total loss of information and data sovereignty. This is why we know that we are not and will never be just anyone, because we will never offer you the easy and conventional solutions of the big suppliers because, apart from ending up being quite more expensive, they in our opinion flagrantly violate the privacy of users. We will go out of our way to protect our customers' information in the best possible way and within their possibilities and budget.

  • No, certainly not! At the outset it may seem that it doesn't make much sense because the initial rates for the services of the IT giants are at very attractive prices and they usually make very sweet promotional offers, but in the medium term, when the User/company needs to expand its capacity, spending increases dramatically. In addition, when the User reaches this point, this type of service has already created such a dependency that it is extremely expensive to get out of it. And all this without talking about the harm that it means for privacy to put all the personal and/or business information in the tray of these companies!
    The software we propose from Gatxan is always open source, which means it is FREE, in this way you only pay the hardware itself, which will be your property, and the services you want to hire from Gatxan.

  • The Internet is full of services that wrap themselves in the banner of privacy and the protection of their users' data, but when the truth comes it is shown that it is not true, they always end up giving away data, voluntarily or involuntarily in Gatxan, unlike other services you can find on the web, we prioritize user privacy and the security of their information above all else. And we can all be victims of computer attacks, but that's why we make encrypted and replicated backups, and strictly apply the "Zero-knowledge" policy, d this way the data is always preserved and, if the User uses the "Zero-knowledge" tools, we avoid having to access their information without encryption because we only store information that 'User has previously encrypted his computer.
    In addition, in Gatxan we will NEVER transfer your data or metadata to third parties and NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH YOUR INFORMATION, and this commitment will always be protected by contract.

  • Because if the user chooses to use the "zero-knowledge" tools, we are not the ones who encrypt the data that is uploaded to our servers, but we provide those tools to them so that it generates its own encryption keys from its own terminal and, once the information is encrypted on its computer, that is when it is uploaded to our servers. In this way the advantage is twofold: We never have to have the User's information unencrypted and, moreover, we have no way of knowing the keys because we are not the ones who generated them and, therefore, even if we wanted to, we will not be able to access it because we will not have had access to the keys at any time, only the user will be able to facilitate their decryption.

  • No, all the software we use is always OPEN SOURCE, OpenSource.
    This also assures the user that there will never be any extra cost other than the service subscription itself.

  • One of the most important concepts in computer security is the transparency of the software used: to avoid possible leaks of information and improper access, the tools used must not be commercial products that work in the face of private interests of the companies that create them, as happens, for example, with the products of Microsoft, Google or Apple. To achieve this transparency, standard OPEN SOURCE software and tools are used, in the public domain, that is, FREE, and which are continuously tested, verified and audited by the developer community, who would alert them to any improper modifications that could be made. This gives the user the guarantee that the software will be used for the purpose for which it was created and not for the provider's corporate or private interests.
    In addition, this also protects GATXAN from any possible attempt at interference, appropriation or improper access to the data that we keep.

  • Security is not only provided by the software used, but the way it is used and, above all, the infrastructure and the knowledge to implement them in the form of services in Gatxan we have this knowledge and the necessary infrastructure, therefore we can use this software to create the services and ecosystem we offer, adding, in addition, a clear and understandable interface for the user , to, in a simple and effective way, make available to as many people as possible the opportunity to recover the privacy that large corporations have stealthily stolen from them in recent years.

  • Obviously! We do not discriminate against any country, but you should keep in mind that if your country applies restrictions on internet access, you may find it difficult to access our service ecosystem.
    If this is your case, contact us and we'll help you get access.

  • Of course, both for individuals and for companies! We have many clients that we have installed their own servers or even developed custom software specifically for them because they couldn't find anything on the market that fit their needs. Tell us what you need and we will study it together and we will make you a proposal to make it a reality!

  • You can always use the services of the Gatxan ecosystem, but especially if what you want is to recover the privacy that large corporations have silently stolen from users in the last years.
    - If you want a secure Webmail service with the possibility of sending encrypted messages with PGP.
    - If you prefer a ENCRYPTED FULLY CUSTOM CLOUD with REAL "Zero-knowledge" PRIVACY.
    - If you want REAL PRIVACY in your daily tools: shared folderscarpetes compartides, video conference, messaging, on-line document edition, etc.
    - If you need massive back-ups.
    - If you need to host virtuals servers (housing) or your website.
    - If you need a personalized consulting service on cyber security, cyber defense and online privacy preservation.
    - If you want personalized advice on cryptocurrencies, blockchain and their applications.
    - If you need to integrate secure payments with cryptocurrencies in a physical or online store.
    - If, in case of theft of data or cryptocurrencies, need to identify transactions, or investigate the trail left by cybercriminals on the network.
    - If you have to bank cryptoassets and you want to know their traceability to make sure that the bank will not decline your transaction.
    - If you have to host your website and your own email securely.
    - If you need customized cyber security solutions according to your needs.

  • If with all these questions we still haven't solved your doubts, contact us and ask us whatever you need!

Only in Gatxan you will find REAL PRIVACY.

X. Towers - Gatxan CEO


In GATXAN we are a team of highly qualified professionals with long experience in what we specialize in:
system security, cyber research, protection of privacy on the internet and, since 2012, research in blockchain networks.

The Gatxan team are my trusted advisors in all things cryptocurrency and cyber security, they give me the peace of mind I need for my clients.

Marcel Lescano


What seems impossible, in Gatxan they make it possible, they are able to extract information from where others assure you that it is not possible. Nothing to do with the rest of the professionals I worked with.

Gustavo A. Cicerón

Private Investigator

In Gatxan they manage all the hosting and security for my clients. They have been my peace of mind and security for over ten years.

Mónica Vera

La escucha activa - SEO & Marketing

Gatxan is one of our best partners. In addition, they have a solid infrastructure of their own and a quality equal to the services they offer.

Roger Garcia

Glutec - Technologies infrastructure

The information is the building block of your company. Regain its control.

X. Towers - Gatxan CEO


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